Table of Content

1. Introduction

2. What Are Rewards?

3. Why Use Rewards As a Motivational Tool?

4. Rewards Should Be Consistent With the Company Culture

5. Developing an Effective Reward System

6. Provide Recognition as a Way of Rewarding Employees for Outstanding Performance

a. Delegate tasks according to their strengths and areas of expertise

b. Recognize their good work with public praise on social media channels

c. Allow them to earn a higher rank within the company hierarchy, such as promoting or raising pay.

d. Provide bonuses or commissions for exceeding expectations or meeting quotas

e. Provide opportunities for…

Can sleeping be enough? Getting enough sleep every day should be a lifestyle. So, is getting 6 and half hours of sleep enough? If you want to live longer and longer, then you need to sleep well. Research about sleep shows age brackets of individual determines the level of sleep needed. How many of us know the extent of sleep that our body requires from us?

Many people die daily. They relate deaths recorded to illnesses caused by bad sleeping habits. If you think you can go a whole day without sleeping, then be prepared for high blood pressure. Most…

Why is Everyone Talking about NFT’s for Arts and Entertainment Industry?

Have you heard the song Elon Musk Created about NFT’s? Is Elon Musk singing that song, and what is in it… NFTs?

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are becoming the new standard for arts and entertainment. NFTs are great for artists, musicians, athletes, and sports. NFTs allow for digital ownership of a digital asset. The first use case of NFTs was Crypto kitties, a game where you could collect and breed digital cats.

It is simple, but it’s tapped into a more significant trend of people wanting to own and manage digital assets. NFTs offer artists a way to license their work…


Binance Coin Rally increases token to ranks of crypto giants

Cryptocurrencies are recovering ahead of Coinbase’s public debut • Binance trading and smart chain are driving BNB to the top. Source: Bloomberg

Bitcoin And Crypto Prepare For Coinbase ‘Boom’ Of Nearly $ 100 Billion As Bitcoin Price Suddenly Soars

On average, these price cycles significantly increased the total market value of cryptocurrencies over the previous ones and drew new users to … Source: Forbes

Wedbush highlights 5 cryptocurrency-linked stocks to buy and another coin that could double its valuation by ..

Market-changing news from major companies and industries •…

Highlights of Fintech, Crptos & DeFi News on


Sri Lankan Cryptocurrency Regulations: Central Bank Warns Of Cryptocurrency Risks, Unlicensed Exchanges

Bank of Sri Lanka has warned people of the risks associated with cryptocurrencies. The bank similarly issued a cryptographic warning in April 2018. Source: Bitcoin News

Daily Crypto — Movers and Shakers — April 11, 2021

This week, the total cryptocurrency market fell to a low of $ 1.782 billion on Wednesday before hitting a high of $ 2.064 billion on Saturday. At the time of writing, it was totally. Source: Yahoo Finance

Crypto Long & Short: Peter Thiel defines Bitcoin’s casual role in world politics

Read Crypto…

The ABC’s of content marketing for your Fintech is your business. People want to know what is Fintech, types of Fintech, and Fintech marketing trends. Every customer’s interest is how Fintech solves their problems and makes life easy.

As a business owner, ask yourself these questions:

1. Which type of Fintech branding and image would be perfect for me?

2. What are the best Fintech marketing campaigns or digital marketing for Fintech companies?

3. What are the best adaptable marketing strategies for Fintech companies?

If you are ready, then I am down with you so, let’s dig it.

Why am…

How to Be Successful and Wealthy In the Cryptopreneurs Industry

How can you or anyone Succeed and Grow Rich in the Crypto Business Industry?

Let me explain to you that Fintech is hot and trending globally.

Crypto and Blockchain have produced many millionaires and billionaires. Come along with me if you wish to be a billionaire.

Are you a cryptocurrency entrepreneur? You can either be a crypto enthusiast or a learner, so tell me, where do you belong? Do you have enough blockchain knowledge? Well! Not to bother anyway if you’re just getting started with Blockchain.

“The world is not sliding, but galloping into a new transnational dystopia.”

Today you…

Would you like to know how learning and earning Free Bitcoin can turn you into a millionaire?

How Learning and Earning Free Bitcoins Can Turn You into a Millionaire.

This is about a web browser that generates free money for its users. The users perform a few tasks online and get rewarded instantly.

This is about a web browser that generates free money for its users. The users perform a few tasks online and get rewarded instantly.

Click here to register with an email and start downloading your own crypto tab browser.

Technology is progressively becoming an indispensable daily companion. This is the digital era, and all things must go digital.


10 Things Your Boss Needs To Know About lovely Fintech

The 10 things your boss needs to know about lovely Fintech publication are because of a good deal of big cheese. Likewise, the workforce asks me what is meant by Fintech and what type of business is it. I will dig into the background of this topic and its benefit for all ranks and files.

From the status quo in the millennium, everything seems moving quickly with technology. We are doing virtually everything with the Internet’s aid these days, and we are enjoying it. The birth of Fintech results from advancements in technology for today’s users.

Why Does Your Boss…

I have travelled out of Lagos State to Ondo State in December on a visit to Akoko for the first time in my life. The lifestyle of these people seems to be very different from the metropolitan. They’re too relaxed and accommodating.

Suppose you are not a massive consumer of food substances. Please, don’t visit this neighborhood; you’ll get a treat with varieties of meals. I can caution anyone trying to weight loss to keep off. Getting more substance in the body to them give strength to engaging in daily activities. Please, am with a straight face here.

The Lifestyle and Relationship of The Community.

These people…

Dare Idowu-Agida

I’m a finance copywriter and content creator, who’s also the founder of my own copywriting agency. I specialize in B2B SaaS-Fintech writing.

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