Binance Coin Rally increases token to ranks of crypto giants

Cryptocurrencies are recovering ahead of Coinbase’s public debut • Binance trading and smart chain are driving BNB to the top. Source: Bloomberg

Bitcoin And Crypto Prepare For Coinbase ‘Boom’ Of Nearly $ 100 Billion As Bitcoin Price Suddenly Soars

On average, these price cycles significantly increased the total market value of cryptocurrencies over the previous ones and drew new users to … Source: Forbes

Wedbush highlights 5 cryptocurrency-linked stocks to buy and another coin that could double its valuation by ..

Market-changing news from major companies and industries • Business highlights, face-to-face interviews and special events • Realistic scheduled presentations that helped … Source: Business Insider


3 trends that will reshape fintech in 2021

We analyze three areas within FinTech that deserve your attention. Now widely available “no crown” payments should be automated. Source: FEI Daily

MFS Africa leads the first $ 2.3 million tour of Ugandan fintech startup Numida

One such company tackling this challenge in East Africa is Ugandan fintech startup Numida. Today the company announces … Source: TechCrunch

Focus on fintech on April 13, 2021

One big thing in fintech: the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has begun to review WisdomTree’s bitcoin ETF, … Source: Yahoo Finance


Binance Labs leads first $ 1.6 million tour of Pancake Bunny developer DeFi MOUND Startup

Based on the Binance Smart Chain, the blockchain for developing powerful DeFi applications, MOUND says Pancake Bunny now has more than 30,000 … Source: TechCrunch

ConsenSys raises $ 65 million from JP Morgan, Mastercard and UBS to build the infrastructure for DeFi

With financial institutions being able to see DeFi happen “publicly” on Ethereum, thanks to the public chain, they can find out how many funds there are … Source: TechCrunch

Mastercard, UBS and JP Morgan inject $ 65 million into Ethereum Consensys startup study — Fortune

First DeFi-Sheesha Financing Mutual Fund raises $ 9.44 million in two weeks

With DeFi’s total reserved value of over $ 49 billion and new projects coming to market almost weekly, investors are struggling to build a diversified portfolio … Source: GlobeNewswire

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